Berezowski Business Immigration Law helps small and mid-sized businesses, multi national companies, US and Canadian law firms, investors, professionals and their families to navigate border laws.

Whether it is a corporate relocation, a business expansion or a family reunification, our approach to immigration is comprehensive. We take pride in our attention to detail – a cross border business deadline met without incident, a spouse’s ability to work or a dependent child’s timely first day at school - these are all important parts of the immigration process.

Our office advises on a wide range of compliance issues ranging from corporate compliance obligations, criminal and medical inadmissibility, and the fulfilling of residency requirements. We also assist individual in overcoming entry refusals and in resolving issues of criminal and medical inadmissibility.

Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
Berezowski Business Immigration Law advises small and mid-sized businesses on strategies designed to minimize the impact of immigration requirements on their cross border business objectives. We have the Canadian and US immigration knowledge necessary to assist businesses planning to expand to Canada or the United States. Our small business expertise includes Work Permits for consultants with clients in the US or Canada, start–up and small company “intra-company” transfers and investor visas for those planning cross-border investment and trade.

Multinational Companies
Our industry experience includes representing those in the banking, accounting, relocation, automotive and airplane manufacturing, Information Technology and entertainment industries.

In the corporate environment, predictable cross-border business travel, assignments, relocations and permanent moves are an absolute necessity. We have extensive corporate immigration experience and a history of working closely with In-House Counsel and Human Resources Managers to develop and implement cross-border corporate recruitment, relocation and retention plans. We will help you develop and implement your corporate immigration program – from advising on immigration policy to editing corporate immigration websites – Berezowski Business Immigration Law has the knowledge, dedicated staff and technology necessary to manage corporate movements.

Most importantly, we possess the industry background and the government familiarity necessary to represent our clients’ interest at the policy stage. As we are ad hoc advisors to government, our clients’ are often in a position to influence immigration policy and law in its formative stage.

Law Firms, Relocation and Recruitment Companies
At Berezowski Business Immigration Law we represent Canadian, American and international law firms with a host of US and Canadian immigration matters. We work with prominent US immigration law firms representing their clients at US Consulates in Canada and attend at Ports of Entry on behalf of their clients; we represent Canadian law firms who regularly retain and refer work to us for Canadian and US immigration specialty advice and assistance. We also provide advice and assistance to relocation and recruitment companies to facilitate their clients’ cross-border movement and employment. As a boutique law office, Berezowski Business Immigration Law respects referrals – your clients have the full benefit of our specialty expertise – but they remain your clients.

Investors, Skilled Workers and Professionals
Berezowski Business Immigration Law prepares Canadian Skilled Worker, Business (Self Employed and Entrepreneur) and Investor based Permanent Residence Applications for individuals from all over the world. We also assist clients applying for Canadian Permanent Residence through a growing range of Provincial Nominee Program options. In assisting our clients we also secure related Work Permits, Study Permits and/or Humanitarian and Compassionate based entry for family members. Our office is also available for our clients who want to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence Cards, maintain their US permanent residence status or wish to apply for Citizenship.

Families – Traditional, Common Law, Conjugal and Same-Sex Relationships
Berezowski Business Immigration Law assists individual clients with a range of family based applications including fiancée petitions and parental, dependent child and spousal sponsorships. We also obtain Work Permits for accompanying spouses and facilitate immigration and citizenship processes for adopted children. As a Canadian and US qualified law office, we have developed a specific niche in helping Canadian/US national couples and families.

Berezowski Business Immigration Law also provides expertise to less traditional families- common-law partners and conjugal partners in opposite and same sex relationships. Canadian law recognizes same-sex marriages and Canadian immigration benefits are not limited to traditional marriages. There are several ways that married and unmarried same-sex couples can benefit from Canada's immigration laws:

  • Partners can often accompany a foreign student or foreign worker to Canada for the duration of the student or worker's stay and obtain ‘Open’ Work Permits for the duration of the stay;
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents can often sponsor their partner to become a permanent resident of Canada, they cannot be refused due to low income;
  • Partners living in Canada with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can often become Canadian permanent residents without leaving Canada; and
  • Skilled workers and others immigrating to Canada as permanent residents may obtain immigrant visas for their partners.

We have successfully handled many same-sex, common-law and conjugal cases. Please see the related articles on the BorderLaw™ - Immigration Information Source page of this site.